27 ft Steel Sloop and 38 Hughes (boats I fixed & sold)
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Both are sold but I'll leave picture to show what I did. Here are some pictures, click on them for a full size view. Feel free to ask questions, email at jheld@ksu.edu I started my trip on a 30 Islander. It and my frist trip are described on my www.jonheld.mysite.com website.

I bought this boat to fix it up and resell it.  I'm stuck in Florida baby sitting my old 38 Hughes that is sold but waiting for full payment before delivery.  

here is the info about it.


Item Specifics - Sailboats 
Type:  Cruiser    Keel:  Fixed  
Make:  custom built in Holland 
Model:  Sloop    Use:  Fresh Water, Salt Water  
Year:  1967   Engine Type:  2 cylinder DIESEL

Length (Feet):  27.0    Engine Make:  Sabb  (note not Saab) 
Beam (Feet):  8.0    Primary Fuel Type:  Diesel  
Hull Material:  Steel    Fuel Capacity (Gallons):  3-4
Rigging:  Sloop   


I repainted the bottom and replaced the zinks.

It has a good inventory of sails, main and genoa are new. I have a good inventory of extras, sails and lots of other stuff.  I need to do an inventory.  The original equipment starter is so expensive because it turns backwards from most starters.  The motor parts are no problem to get to go backwards but the bendix requires reverse built parts.  I choose to modify a newer starter motor instead.  I then brought the boat to LaBelle to finish the topside and interior work.   

Local storage is available at Glades marina, 863-983-3040 

 Thanks for looking. 

Here it is ready to be put in the water. I still have welding to do on the top rail and other interior work.

Click on any picture for a full size view. I've fixed the starter motor so it was ready to bring it to LaBelle to finish the work on it.

Overall, a very nice small blue water boat suitable for solo or a couple. The mast is up and sailing in the gulf toward LaBelle.

The bottom work was done first, I had to get it off the trailer. Any place there was a problem with the paint, I took it to bare steel, cold galvanized, epoxy paint, and then hard bottom paint.

Main cabin windows, same treatment. Power wire brush any rust away, galvanize, epoxy, then caulk and screw them back in place. I found they had not been caulked before, no wonder they leaked.

Last picture, cold galvanize, this one after the epoxy paint and windows caulked and installed.

The main hull steel looked very good. The paint wasn't sticking well.

Cold galvanized

Epoxy paint, then hard bottom paint to finish.

Anpther spot where the paint did not adhere well. Once again the steel looks surprizingly good. This is the floor of the cockpit.

New zinks and the bottom is done.

The new and old starter motor. $1000 for an original equipment Bosch starter. I modified a 2002 SUBARU LEGACY STARTER, it works fine.

The first of 3 new plate repairs welded into deck. The weld will be ground smooth, then glavanize and epoxy paint.

Inside view of windows, white interior repainting will follow to cover the epoxy paint after all work is done.

The 3rd deck plate welded in and ground down the deck is now sealed, I still have the bulwarks as shown in the picture to deal with.

It always amazes me what a coat of paint does, this is the same as the last picture except with a coat of galvanize paint. Epoxy, a little bit of sanding and deck paint and the patch can't be seen.

Sold 38 Hughes. ------ Two anchor rollers on bow. The rest of the pictures on this page are the Hughes

Sold 38 Hughes. ------ Double tapered spinaker pole with lift bridle and quick attach ends.

Sold 38 Hughes. ------ Spinaker pole end socket.

2 burner propane stove and microwave. Lots of cabinets and storage in the galley. I cleaned it out completely but still have all the pots and pans if you want.This picture was taken while I was doing some woodwork repair, now done, most of the white interior has had three or four coats of new paint and the varnish has also had a fresh coat..

dual bank charger and galvanic isolater

Sold 38 Hughes. ------ diesel tank in back of each quarter berth, ventilation window.

Isotherm refrigeration unit, slid forward for picture.

This boat has two rudders, one right behind the propellor to help manuever in tight quarters, acts like a thruster, and the standard one for sailing. Each is lockable and it also has an autopilot.

Lots of custom canvas. All exterior woodwork has a canvas cover to protect it from the sun. Beautiful woodwork interior and exterior and lots of convenient storage shelves and drawers. There is a dual compartment anchor rode locker forward with stainless covered oval hawse pipe.

3 custom made vinyl naugahide cockpit seat cushions. Mainsheet easy access right in front of binacle

Nice large compass.

Danforth anchor, vinyl covered chain, 180 foot rode. Another anchor will be included your choice, danforth, bruce,etc. I've straightened out the shaft on this one, since the picture was taken.

A few cosmetic repairs still to be done. I've finished the teak cabin top handrails and the rubrail. Next will be to repaint non slip deck surface and build a mast base partner block cover and mast boot. Also some minor scuffing in a couple places on the gel coat that could be attended too if you want to bring it back to 100%. Not anything major. I'll keep working on this stuff, but the price goes up with each project completed.

Feel free to ask questions, jheld@ksu.edu.  I've got plenty of stuff to sort through, the boat sells completely equipped, life jackets, first aid kit, bumpers, spare lines etc. included.  Look around my site to learn a lot more about me.