Good Ideas
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My good ideas, inventions, and stuff that should work

Please let me know if you use any of this, feel free to comment.  Jon


My test grading system It's on my other website

This page describes a method of scoring college level tests that I have developed and used in every course I've taught since developing it. Basically this is a test grading system that can be very quickly graded. It applies mostly to problems type courses. I used it for all the engineering classes I taught. I loved it and the students did too.


5/4/05 Singles game for the grocery store. (this came from posts I did on a singles site) I always said we need a singles night at the grocery store, everybody goes there. Just hard to bother somebody when they are busy. I'm sure there a lots of single woman and men that would just love to talk but how do you figure out which ones. It's a much better meat Market then the bar (excuse the play on words there, or don't excuse it, just listen up). I came up with this idea a few years back when I was president of a local singles group. What I haven't figured out is what kind of game to have that would make it OK and actually desirable to talk to other people and identify yourself as single. That's where you guys come in let's talk about this, maybe I'll start a thread on this topic, I've always thought it's a great idea. The store could offer coupons or something as an incentive, I'm sure it wouldn't be a hard sell, they would love to bring all the singles into their store. So let's hear it. I've been told Walmart does it. that don't surprize me one bit. I think the grocery would be better. But then Wall Marts have a grocery now, so they would be a posibility and I guess you wouldn't even have to be looking for groceries, could be oil or even fishing lures too. Here's what they do, Walmart stores in Germany, red bow on cart to identify singles but no game, your still on your own to start up a conversation. I'm looking for the thing that makes people have to talk to play the game, that'll help out the shy ones. That's what I'm after here.


Full size bike -carry on luggage size

I have developed this for storage on my boat, but adventure travelers should also be interested.  This is the first cobbled up version to prove it can work.  I need to find a manufacturer that is interested.   The wheels (not the ones shown here) should be patentable.  I've done the search found nothing like it.  After many trials,  tested ideas  failures, improvements, etc, I finally have a good working and tested design, next step is to get the patent.  If you know somebody that might be interested please have them contact me.

The frame folded up

The wheels double the size of this package.  They are the magic part that allows this whole idea to work.  Disc brakes or a 3 speed coaster brake axle should be used.

My solution to dry food storage

The 3 liter bottles are much nicer than the more common 2 liter, I make a funnel to fill them out of a cut up bottle and 2 screw caps duck taped together, top to top and the tops drilled out to allow the product to flow through.  They are great, moisture proof, inexpensive, practically indestructible, and you can see the contents.  I also store emergency water supply in them.  With a little bit of air released they can pack together much better than the round shape, closer to a square.  I've never had one crack no matter how many times it's been crushed flat (and I mean absolutely flat) and then re-inflated.  I first used them for drinking water on backpacking and canoe trips.

12 volt dc drill - battery powered but not Nicad

I've used a 120v ac extension cord for the wire, that way if I need to get farther from the boat batttery I can use a standard extension cord.  I plan to make a 24 volt one too, since I've also got 24 volts on the boat and it would have less current for the same power and thus less voltage drop in the wires.

Hot shower and interchangable pole ends
I use a garden pump up sprayer with a kitchen sink spray nozzle.  Fill with water and set out in the sun to warm up.  Test it first it can get far too hot on a bright day.  Take your shower on deck and you don't have any humidity inside or anything to clean up.  The next version has a garden hose connection where it come out of the tank and the hose is removable, or you can use it to pump water to the top of the mast or anyplace else, with a long garden hose. I have a fiberglass painters triple extension pole, I've added broom screw connectors to everything that I might want to have on the end of a pole.  The gaff hook and boat hook need to be extra strong they have a stainless through bolt and washer on the end of the solid plastic threaded part.  I've also made female connectors on the bottom end of other broom handle poles to make the pole even longer if needed.  The gaff hook is almost always on the aluminum pole it came on, but I made it removable for flexibilty. I also just built a grabber, spring opened fingers that are closed with the pull of a rope and converted a survailence garage camera to underwater use so I can see what I'm grabbing. IR night vision doesn't work underwater, the water absorbs the IR, have to replace the camera IR LEDs with visisble light ones. I plan to have a camera I can mount on the mast looking at the water forward instead of having somebody up the mast telling me where to go when navigating shallow coral areas.
How I eat a grapefruit, without wearing it.
I first massage it to break down some of the cell walls, I then cut and remove a one inch diameter plug out of the top skin, drinking the little bit of juice that tries to drip.  I then insert the knife into the hole and cut round and round being careful to not puncture the skin.  I then drink the juice while squeezing the heck out of grapefruit, spitting out the seeds (actually I've been saving the seeds, after learning about the healthful aspect of grapefruit seed oil, I'm experimenting.)  After getting most of the juice, I rip open the skin and eat the pulp.  No mess and no waste. I had a couple Pummelo, Chinese grapefruit they are huge, very sweet and had a slight taste of pineapple. Very good.
Garden hose connection
You can hook up a regular garden hose to a lawn sprayer, good if you need some water at the top of the mast or someplace else hard to reach.
Extremely strong and stiff gang plank, slips together, no bolts
I made 3 steel T's that fit 2x6's.  I then added a light weight pipe tubing (cut from bicycle frame) for sockets to hold rope stantions.  SEE THE INSET PIC.  The alluminum upright stantion is not connected, it just slides into the steel tube socket.  This structure has no bolts or screws, it just slips together.  It is extremely strong and stiff, I've carried over one hundred pound objects across this and there is no bow in the 2x6's.  The ropes will not stop a fall, but it's amazing how much it helps guide you just to run the ropes through your fingers as you cross the plank.  Actually pulling up on the opposite rope does more to stop a fall.  I will definitely carry the T's with me,  maybe a couple 2x6's.  I've only gone swimming once in a couple years of using this many times a day and night.  The boat is anchored and tied fore and aft,  but allowed to move and swng at least 8 feet or more.

My latest project, an underwater video camera and grabber.  Made from a Surveillance camera, it has color and IR leds for night vision.  I will mount one of these up the mast looking at the forward water for coral head navigation help.  I thought an underwater camera  might also be nice to inspect any damage to the rudder or other things.  The grabber might be good for Lobster.  The camera gets mounted on the pole looking at the grabber to see something you are grabbing.
My bike trailer
It was a kids trailer to hual two yougins with you on a bike ride.  The barrel is normally a laundry wash basin, but it can serve as a grocery bag retainer on the trailer.  The wheels easily remove with a quick release and then every thing on the trailer folds flat.  I still need to work on the hitch and suspect I might have to beef up the tongue, but I can't bend it by hand when clamped in a vise.  I carried a 94 pound bag of cement on this with no problem.