Nesting 2 piece dinghy
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This is a 2 piece nesting dinghy I built out of a free garden display.

The pictures tell the story, basically fiberglass work.  It all started from a discarded yard art flower garden and flag pole.  Click on any picture for a full size view, click back to return.

Yard art, this is how I found it, free at the neighbors of my brothers. Headed for the trash, but I saved it.

Among the problems, it had drain holes sawed into the hull. No boom, centerboard, rudder, or sails, but the price is right.

Fill in the holes and build a seat and centerboard pocket support, it's a boat again, still 1 piece. The idea to make it nesting came later when I tried to fit it on deck to simulate storm or passage storage. The rear flotation fiberglass panel has not been installed yet.

Expirementing with a sprit sail, sprit and mast are the oars, sprit oar has hole in the end that fits oar lock pin on mast oar. The mast oar needs stays to hold it vertical. I need to find or make a sail for the normal mast too. Then this should be good to teach somebody, like a new mate, the fundamentals of sailing.

more later, my site is maxed out, I've deleted stuff to make room for new, but it takes them a while to figure out I've deleted stuff. I can't complain too loud, the site is free

more pictures on my other site, click on the sail picture to the left to go there