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This is all extra stuff I have accumulated with my boat project and is for sale

This is all in LaBelle, Florida if not noted differently.  Trades will be considered.  My email is n0ryq at juno dot com.

Click on any picture for a full size view. 

Check my other page of more stuff for sale 

I plan to make a mover for an empty overseas shipping container, basically a 5th wheel hitch and rear axle.  So if you know of a container close to me and cheap, let me know.  I'd like to keep my supplies for a year after I start my trip in case I need to come back and make modifications.  I have tons of misc aluminum structural shapes, stainless and plain steel.  Bike parts ( I have developed a full size folding bike that fits carry-on luggage.  (full size wheels fold, I think there is patent here, but not a business for me)  I also have a couple weedwacker powered bikes that will get sold.


Chris craft, The glass is cracked, otherwise OK, glass 18x7 and 24x7 inches 3.5R at ends.

Extra sails of all descriptions. Mainsale 38 hughes 37.5x13.1,(all dims in ft) C&C 40 lapper 46.9x12.5 2 reefs couple holes, Genoa heavily reinforced 50.7x25.1, wireluff hank jib 34x18, hank jib 41x25.6, Islander 30 main 30.5x11, Islander 30 genny 36x16.5, genny 35.8x19.2, c&C 30 main 33.1x11, Cal 25 main 27x9, hank jib 40.8x18.5, very good main 29.5x14, Very good hank jib 38.5x19.3, couple of big spinnakers

Isotherm 12 - 24 volt DC Marine refrigerator (new) tested 12v 3.53 amps, ice water drop in 1 minute, small cup solid in 25 minutes, 60 degree outside.. It's at least 5 years old, no idea really, I don't think it's ever been installed or used. It looks new except for a tiny bit of surface rust on galvanized mounting brackets in a couple places that wouldn't be seen when installed, easily fixed with a coat of paint. w,d,h 18 X 15 X 21 inches

sold -- Sailboat tiller, (very nice) and back view of Isotherm fridge.

16hp Ruggerini TRD2 655 1 3600rpm diesel, new

4hp single cylinder diesel, new

Back view, electric and manual start

Lines and electric cables. Also in the sail picture above, 2 250ft rolls of white RG213 antenna cable and 2 rolls of white and black CATV 18AWG

Anchors & chain, I have over a dozen large anchors, 240 ft of 1/2 inch BBB chain, extremely good condition. I have 4 of the Barnacle, basically a stronger danforth with single fluke and curved shank. I like them and they store well.

More anchors, I'll keep some of these, but I also have 2 in the water.

self steering gear parts, I was working on this until I got the Aries fold up ( I need parts for the Aries)

Wet exhausr hose, most is new, all sizes fron 1 1/2 to 4 inch diameter

Diesel 3 inch trash pump, Farymann 15d, 31K54, hand starts first time, everytime. Metra Big Flo centrifugal pump. I need the piston and rings from a Farymann 18 engine to fix a generator.

Lots of fenders and plastic tanks

More tanks, I probably have 4 more, not shown

105 CQR Anchor, $500 OBO, Good used condition, stainless point, had slight surface rust on the wearing surfaces. I rotary wire brushed and cold galvanized them. It's ready for many more years of service. Defender new price is $2200.

Lot of new misc wet exhaust hose.

More exhaust hose and 5 teak handrails.

2 Folding canoe or dingy shades (in Box, new)

2 Drop in Grill side burners, stainless, natural gas, (new, household grill, not marine) and another tank

Misc stainless bolts and hardware, I probably have more than 50 misc blocks, and tons of everything else.

Yanmar ysm8 parts, fiberglass bed, engine is sold but still have this.

Cole marine wood stove (like new) I have some pipe and deck fitting but will use some on my boat.

2 sailboat hatches 23 inches square, one complete, one missing latches and support rods. Fiberglass composite frames and smoked plexiglass window. No brand names or numbers on them. $300

100's of nautical and other books, lots of charts and chart books

fico fg606 snatch blocks

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