Jon Held's sailboat Steelin Time
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My  email is  jheld at ksu dot edu, it gets auto forwarded to my juno that I check every day. n0ryq at juno dot com (Note the 2nd character is a number zero 0 not a capital O)  I also have jheldatksuedu at gmail dot com , but check it about once a month or less.

I started this website to keep my friends updated on my planned circumnavigation in my sailboat,

 STEELIN TIME, a 45 foot steel centercockpit ketch.  There is still some work to do but I should be able to finally leave sometime soon.  

If you want to see more pictures of items I have for sale go to the FOR SALE pages found above.

To know if you've got the right Jon, I grew up in Jamesburg, NJ and then went to Kansas State University, got a degree in Physics and Mechanical Engineering.  I then taught engineering for many years there.  I enjoy backpacking, canoeing, dancing and sailing.  My Ham radio call sign is n0ryq.   

I have lots more on my other website  

such as my new unique testing grading system (easy and fast to grade, students like it, I like it, amd students learned more) My first sailing trips, my Alaska trips, and the ongoing story about my brothers underground 2 story concrete house we've been building for 10 years.



STEELIN TIME was custom built in Holland in 1973 by Jachtwerf Van Dam & Z.N., It was designed by W.De Vries Lentch Jr.  I am the 3rd owner, I bought it on eBay, I was the only bidder, since it had holes rusted through the hull and the ad stipulated it must be trucked out in 30 days. It would have been an over everything load, length, width, height, weight, etc.  I would have needed 2 semi trucks, one just to carry all the permits and paperwork to move it legally.  So I had to convince them to let me work on it in the yard, that wasn't easy, but eventually with threatening to go home with my cash and default on the sale it was done.  They gave me 5 weeks.   With that amount of time I figured I could fix the hull correctly and not have to pull the boat out of the water again to finish the job.  I had intended on just doing a quick patch job to get the boat to float and out of the yard.  It was hard work but well worth it, the rest of the boat was very good condition.  I took 7 weeks, after the yard figured out that I wasn't just a crackpot with a big idea and that I would and could do as I said, all was OK and extra time was not a problem.  They were happy to see the boat not go to the salvage yard. 

The last owner used the name Piscataway, if you think you recognize the boat from past travels.  I know it's not recommended to change a boat name, but that name just didn't do anything for me.     

 Since these pictures where taken, I have added a hard dodger, propane locker between the davits, wind self steering and roller furling on the 2 fore sails, along with many other mods to make the boat safer and easier to single hand.  I still need to make lazy jacks with sail boom bags for the main and mizzen and a cockpit cover and side curtains.  Much of the radio electronics and stuff like refrigeration needs to be upgraded and checked.  I also have a water maker and diesel generator to install. 

Jon n0ryq at juno dot com (the 2nd character is a zero not cap O)

Things I need to buy:

A Tarus Judge pistol, stainless or inexpensive for sea exposure.  Could also use the rifle model Circuit Judge (these are 5 shot 410/45 revolver) or something else that's similar  such as 357 stainless revolver, maybe a Thompson Contender 22, 410, etc.

A small 100cc or so motorcycle, to be modified to store onboard in a small space, like my folding bikes.  I want full size motorcycle wheels, not the new scooter type fat wheels.  I can buy a new engine cheaply so a frame with wheels and lights would be OK.

ST50 tridata, repeater (just got one, but still need a parts one), Seatalk to Nema (again, What do you have?)

Ultimeter 800 connector box or schematic of it.

Charlie Noble, (stainless stove pipe top for a boat wood stove), diesel fired heater.

37mm flares or 37 or 25mm flare gun